Simply choose your item(s) from the attached pictures (or contact us if you’d prefer something different) and we’ll include everything else you’ll need to paint at home.  An excellent way to spend the afternoon at home together, great for all ages and ideal for creating something completely unique, either for yourself or a wonderful gift for someone special.
We have over 250 different items in-house to choose from and lots of seasonal specials throughout the year.

The cost is £5 studio fee per painter, plus the item(s) chosen to paint and a £10 deposit for the tools etc, refundable on return.

(or for use in the studio!)

Foam Clay is a fantastic air-drying modelling clay with a very soft, foam paste consistency containing small polystyrene beads that can coat, wrap and cover a variety of items and surfaces. It’s ideal for covering all sorts of items- including our bisque such as the numerous party animals, coasters, money boxes, trinket boxes to name but a few!

Take small pieces of Foam Clay, press them onto the item and spread evenly with your fingers. Leave to dry for a few hours and Foam Clay sets to a firm and hard surface.

Perfect for sculpturing, shaping, modelling and more, this self-hardening Foam Clay is sure to keep kids (or adults!) amused for hours on end. All colours are vivid, bright and inter-mixable. The creative possibilities are endless!

Suitable for ages three years and over. Store unused clay in an airtight plastic container.

Contact us on 01508 493627, via email at: or Facebook – Willow Ceramic Studio . 

Some of the items included in your Paint at Home box