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Jennifer Williams

Jennifer creates free form domestic scaled Porcelain vessels, which are decorated with printed repeat pattern. She uses a Mono Printing type method, where the design is drawn into coloured slip (liquid clay) on a sheet of plaster then transferred to the clay. Jennifer enjoys decorating the clay before the vessel is built, so the piece can be built to compliment the surface she has created.

The patterns which adorn Jennifer’s work are an important part of her working practice. She collects them from all manner of places; from buildings she’s seen on her travels, to historical and design books, to forms in nature, to cloth, to the inside of envelopes. She finds inspiration for them from all her passions in life. Jennifer started using pattern when she was studying for her Masters; she used them as a repetitive form to mark the idea of time passing and the repetitive rhythm of life. When making Jennifer starts off with a set of identical sheets of porcelain and build them into vessels which all have their own sense of life and individuality.


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