In addition to the boutique jewellery in the showroom, we have some beautiful work by local artists.  Unique and individual designs; when you want something particularly special, whether as a present or for yourself!

Hazel Davison
Hazel’s work combines the use of hand weaving and hand textured silver sheet to create her designs. Lobster baskets, sea kelp and sea gems are just a few of the collections of jewellery that she makes. These have obvious connections to the sea, while others make use of the many different shapes and patterns found along the coast to form a library of textures.

There are many one off pieces within Hazel’s collections and she is always happy to take on commissions. These range from making chain mail bags to being commissioned to make a brooch in 18ct gold for the Sheriff of Norwich to wear on official occasions. This is now part of the City Treasures.

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Jemima Pine
Sterling Silver Jewellery. Solid silver, gold and base metals are used to create individual pieces that are full of life and humour and reflect her attitude to life!
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Alison Varley
Alison works primarily in silver and gold with an emphasis on exploring many different characteristics that can be found within the metals. Strong lines and contrasting textures are features of her work.

jewellery earrings AVy jewellery bangle 4mm forged AVx IMG00272-20110315-1633 IMG00271-20110315-1632 bangles (open) silver and 9c gold

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